Water Tanks Installed in the Community

The villages in the Nyankoba Ward do not have running water. Villagers walk a few hundred yards downhill to a stream several times each day to fetch water. Water is carried in any available container. Some streams have small retaining walls and cisterns so the water comes from a pipe rather than from the bottom of the stream to reduce the risk of picking up dirt and bacteria. During dry periods, the local stream dries up and the villagers have to walk much further to the nearest river, at about 700 feet lower elevation.

It was clear that the long-term solution is to install a borehole, storage tank and distribution system in Nyanchonori and Mong’oni. We did get a proposal in 2011 from the District Water Officer of the Kenya Government to develop a fully operating borehole-based water company for $154,000. HKA-Keroka applied for a grant for 90% of the project to the Community Development Trust Fund, a joint European Union /Government of Kenya poverty alleviation program. Unfortunately they heard back in June 2012 that the application was not successful. HKA and the WHO Club at HVCHS had been raising money to cover the grant requirement of 10% from the community and had raised $14,330 of their $15,000 goal. A promising development in January 2014 was that HKA-Keroka was invited by the newly formed Nyamira County Government to apply for support for a borehole. We sent $1,500 to fund the required geologist’s report on water availability and environmental impact and to complete the application forms. We heard at the end of 2015 that the application was successful and in March 2016 the borehole was completed by the County and two 10,000 liter tanks were installed. HKA-Keroka is working with the contractor on pump installation and we anticipate that fresh water will flow for the community very soon. You can read more about progress on the “What We’re Doing” link above.

Before we received the borehole proposal, we raised money to increase the rainwater collection capacity from the roofs of all community buildings. Most schools have one tank fed by a single gutter from a small part of the roof. Much less than 10% of the roof area is used to capture water. By adding more tanks and gutters water capture and storage capacity can be increased significantly.  For $2800, we have added six 2300 liter tanks and guttering systems, for the Nyanchonori and Mong’oni Secondary Schools, the Nyaigesa Primary School, the Nyanchonori Tea-Buying center and for the Nyanchonori and Mong’oni Healthcare Centers.

The tea-buying center and the two healthcare centers have piped water from the tanks to sinks in their buildings.

Nyanchonori Healthcare Center Water Tank

This project was partially supported by a kind donation of $1200 from the Princeton Rotary Club and by WHO Club Water Walks.


Princeton Rotary Club donation presented by Jim Pachence and Russ DiNardo to Andy Jackson



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