Playing Fields Project

We would like to engage the Hopewell Valley community in a project to upgrade three Nyankoba soccer fields that are in very poor condition to “level the playing field” between our two communities. HKA-Keroka obtained preliminary engineering estimates of what it would cost to level the fields and in the case of the Nyankoba field to add drainage and fill to remove the swampy area.

  • Mong’oni Primary School has room for a 120 x 75 yard soccer field. A 35 foot pitch from north to south will need to be leveled. The estimate for leveling is about $7,500, This would be the easiest project to start with as is a large enough area for a field and it is well drained.Mongoni Field
  • Nyankoba Secondary School is level with room for a 120 x 75 yard field, but will require drainage since part of it is swampy. The engineering estimate for this work was about $14,700. Since the school owns the treed property at the west end of the field, it may be possible to install a combined running track and field, taking about 200 x 80 yards. We do not yet have an estimate of the cost of doing this, but it would be of tremendous value to the Nyankoba community as a regional center for track meets and other events.Nyankoba Secondary School.
  • The current Nyanchonori Secondary School field is too narrow (50 yards) for a soccer field and has a 12 foot pitch side to side. . A lot of earth would need to be moved to level the field. The initial estimate for leveling this small field is $8,300. However, HKA is discussing the purchase of adjacent land for the school to allow the construction of a larger filed with room for an access road to the school. We do not know what this would cost but it would be a significant enhancement for the school.
  • Nyanchonori Field
  • We will continue to refine the estimates and develop a proposal for the community.


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